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Plans to use struct berval * DN in send_ldap_* stuff?

I note one big portion of code that still uses char * DNs
is the send_ldap_* stuff in result.c; however it looks like 
there's little to do there that requires bervals, so we may
stay with the current code, although for consistency all DNs
should be treated the same.

Another point is the internals of back-ldap and back-meta;
they still use char * for temporary DNs (real base, massaged
Dns and so) and I think we should stay this way because
they are mainly used with the C API, with very little 
operations requiring the length or consistency with the rest
of slapd.  I already changed most of back-meta using bervals
for suffixes and bind dns, however I think we don't need to
do the same with back-ldap (for now).


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