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Re: Plans to use struct berval * DN in send_ldap_* stuff?

At 05:10 AM 2001-12-27, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
>I note one big portion of code that still uses char * DNs
>is the send_ldap_* stuff in result.c; however it looks like 
>there's little to do there that requires bervals, so we may
>stay with the current code, although for consistency all DNs
>should be treated the same.

Yes... and passing bervals to ber_printf is preferred over
passing strings.

>Another point is the internals of back-ldap and back-meta;
>they still use char * for temporary DNs (real base, massaged
>Dns and so) and I think we should stay this way because
>they are mainly used with the C API, with very little 
>operations requiring the length or consistency with the rest
>of slapd.  I already changed most of back-meta using bervals
>for suffixes and bind dns, however I think we don't need to
>do the same with back-ldap (for now).

Both need to move towards struct bervals everywhere.  Note
that all the helper routines, including dn_validate and
dn_normalize, will eventually require them...

There are places where it shifting seems somewhat pointless,
but consistency is a good thing.