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Re: Problems in HEAD

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> > Masarati
> > Howard,
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> > I'm currently working on re-engineering dn_* functions in
> > servers/slapd/dn.c
> > (adding better functions, based on bervals and ldap_dn* functions for dn
> > parsing and so.  I'll try to keep in touch with your recent changes.
> A note about dnParent and dn_rdnlen/dnExtractRdn - the point of my tweaks to
> those functions was to avoid an unnecessary alloc/dealloc. I suggest
> defining a flag (like LDAP_DN_NO_RESULT?) to tell ldap_str2rdn not to
> allocate the LDAPRDN results. The only thing of interest is the pointer
> position/rdn length, not any actual values.

That's a good point.  I'll definitely do that.  Now I'm only trying
to replace old functions with new, which give more robust functionality
(exaustive parsing that is consistent with the rest of dn parsing);
after this is done and tested, I'll work on optimization.