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Re: Thinking about operational attribute numSubordinates...

"Kurt D. Zeilenga" wrote:
> 14.4.4 Has Subordinates operational attribute
> [..]
>   NOTE - A value of TRUE
>   may be returned when no subordinates exist if all possible
>   subordinates are available only through a non-specific
>   subordinate reference (see ITU-T Rec. X.518 | ISO/IEC 9594-4)
>   or if the only subordinates are subentries or child family members.

This leads to another argument for computing hasSubordinates
on-the-fly: The client could have enabled "Manage DSA IT control".

> I would have a problem
> in implementing numSubordinates without a standard track (or
> other stable) specification.

Unfortunately draft-boreham-numsubordinates expired a year ago.

Ciao, Michael.