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Re: Thinking about operational attribute numSubordinates...

Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
> I insist on computing it (only if required and only by those backends
> that accept to honor it, maybe configurable, why not).

I would also be in favor of computing it if hasSubordinates was
explicitly requested by the LDAP client during search operation.

>         "OID description:
>         The hasSubordinates operational attribute indicates
>         whether any subordinate entries exist below the entry
>         holding this attribute. A value of TRUE indicates that
>         subordinates may exist. A value of FALSE indiciates
>         no subordinates exist. If this atribute is absent
>         no information is provided about the existence
>         of subordinate entries. "
> A value of TRUE indicates that subordinates __MAY__ __EXIST__ ...
> Sounds like one should not trust it :)

Even that would be sufficient for what I'm believing is useful for
an application.

Ciao, Michael.