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Re: subentries (Was: Need new replica configuration without shutting down slapd)

>>>>> "Kurt" == Kurt D Zeilenga <Kurt@OpenLDAP.org> writes:

> Ganesan,
> I encourage you to read my I-D
>         draft-zeilenga-ldap-subentry-01.txt
> available at www.ietf.org.

> X.500 subentries in general approach we need to use to
> hold and maintain administrative information in the
> directory.

> In implementing subentries, I suggest with starting with
> the basic use of mechanism.  The most basic use I know
> is to support collective attributes.
>         draft-zeilenga-ldap-collective-03.txt

Okay, I've now read through all the relevant drafts (ldup model, ldup
information model, ldup subentry etc). Now, I have a problem. I need to add
entries replicaContextRoots and replicaSubentries to the root
DSE. Currently, OpenLDAP "creates" a root DSE entry on the fly. I need a
"real" rootDSE so that an administrative utility can add/modify attributes
in the rootDSE to modify replica information. How do I go about doing this?