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Re: Need new replica configuration without shutting down slapd

At 02:59 AM 2001-12-07, Norbert Klasen wrote:
>--On Donnerstag, 6. Dezember 2001 11:20 +0530 Ganesan R <rganesan-ldap@myrealbox.com> wrote:
>>So far I've managed to get slapd successfully get read this information to
>>populate it's internal replica data structures at startup. I've also
>>modified slapd to handle writes to the above "replica DN" and reconfigure
>>it's internal data structures. So, replica addition/deletion can now be
>>done by writing to a special attribute. I am wondering if it's better to
>>implement a control to add/remove replicas.
>See draft-khan-ldapext-replica-mgmt-00.txt
>This documents the extensions used by Novell to manage directory
>replication contexts (partitions) and replicas.

Also, check out the LDUP WG I-Ds in this area.