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Need new replica configuration without shutting down slapd


I have a need for adding/removing OpenLDAP replicas in a multi-master setup
with two requirments

1. Minimizing (or totally avoiding) config file changes.
2. Automatic new replica creation especially without restarting any slapd

To accompish 1, I am working on a design which will put replica information
inside the database. This way replica information propagates to all servers
by normal replication instead of by modifying individual conf files. I am
making reasonable progress with this. 

I now need a way of achieving 2. My idea is to bring up the new replica
server with a minimal database and have an application on the other side
(probably by a modified slurpd) to read the database (similar to slapcat) and
bring the replica uptodate. 

Is it okay for a tool to read the database in read only mode while the
slapd is still running? Will there be a need to flush the database cache in
slapd or is it okay to configure slapd to flush after every update?