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Re: memory leaks

El mié, 05-12-2001 a las 18:33, Kurt D. Zeilenga escribió:

> Guessing that a DER encoded 1 should be represented as "1"
> is wrong in both cases....
> BTW, I've similar naming attributes in the real world.

I do not dispute that and I think I implied it. Notice, however, that
the set of attributes used in certificate DNs is extremely limited.

As a matter of fact, lots of software plain breaks if you try to use any
attribute beyond CN, L, OU, O, C and the like.

I think that the only common problem is directoryString choice
determination, that is covered by the ASN1 tag.

[Except for the quirk that teletexString-tagged ISO-8859-1 is
commonplace and, as a matter of fact, is the only de-facto interoperable
way to have (Western European) accents in DNs. Go figure...]