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Re: memory leaks

"Kurt D. Zeilenga" wrote:
> >Second, we have to many routines to mangle DNs.  In this case I opted
> >by asking OpenSSL to give me a value in rfc2253 format, but older
> >OpenSSL versions do not support it.  And then I don't trust it to
> >produce good results and I renormalize it...
> >
> >Other parts of the OpenLDAP call X509_NAME_oneline that returns the DN
> >in the peculiar format of OpenSSL and then uses ldap_dcedn2dn to parse
> >that string and convert it to rfc2253.  That seems fragile and, IIRC,
> >the oneline format was being kept for compatibility and was considered
> >broken as far as escaping goes, so parsing it may be impossible.
> >
> >Should we parse the X509_NAME ourselves and build an rfc2253 value in
> >one go in a predictable, normalized, way?
> Well, prefer dealing with the BER/DER or 2253 strings.  I would
> think it better to have our own BER/DER -> LDAPDN (see ando's
> work) -> 2253 mechanism.  We'll need it for doing component
> matching anyways.

The best way would be to put together a LDAPDN structure directly
from the X509_NAME and then convert it in the format we prefer.
This is very easy if we can trust directly accessing the members
of X509_NAME.  I'm not familiar with openssl internals, so I don't
know if this is feasible/reliable, though.

I see from openssl headers that the X509_NAME basically is a 
stack of X509_NAME_ENTRY, each of which on turn is made of a 
ASN1_OBJECT (the attr, I suppose) and a ASN1_STRING (the value).

If you can access the attrs and the values, all you need to do is

	for each rdn
		for each ava
			ava = ldapava_new(attr, value)
			ldapava_append_to_rdn(rdn, ava)
		ldapava_append_to_dn(dn, rdn)

This may become an utility (say ldap_X509NAME2dn); then
your function would be

	dn = ldap_X509NAME2dn(name)
	dnstr = ldap_dn2str(dn)

	return ber_bvstr(dnstr)

Finally, both ldap_pvt_tls_get_peer and ldap_pvt_tls_get_peer_dn
can be rewritten in terms of your function (ldap_X509dn2str ?),
since ldap_dn2str can handle DCE-like dn representation as well.


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