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Re: Improving OpenLDAP Replication

At 06:33 PM 2001-11-19, Ganesan R wrote:
>I am looking at multi-master replication with OpenLDAP and looking at ways
>to overcome some of the disadvantages of the current model.  I know Kurt
>believes that LCUP is the better way to proceed, but that task is a bit too
>complex for me right now.

My suggestions regarding use of LCUP relate to single-master

>The biggest problem is that replication configuration is manual.

I'd say that's a minor problem in compared to data/service models...
but I'll save such rants for the IETF LDUP discussions.

>Any suggestions, criticisms?

See LDUP working group documents for ''work in progress'
in this area.  <http://www.ietf.org/html.charters/ldup-charter.html>