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Improving OpenLDAP Replication


I am looking at multi-master replication with OpenLDAP and looking at ways
to overcome some of the disadvantages of the current model.  I know Kurt
believes that LCUP is the better way to proceed, but that task is a bit too
complex for me right now.

The biggest problem is that replication configuration is manual. This is
especially a problem with multi-master replication because every time you
add a new replica you need modify slapd.conf of _all_ replicas and restart
all slapd and slurpd instances. I am planning to make changes so that
replica information is stored in the database instead of a separate
configuration file. This allows replica addition to be a write to an object
in LDAP, all hosts can know about the addition by monitoring changes to a
"special" attribute and reconfigure their replica list. 

Any suggestions, criticisms?


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