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RE: back-bdb

Yes to the latter question. Look at how back-ldbm deals with search
candidates; back-bdb will eventually do the same. (When someone gets
the time to finish it. Looks like it's getting pretty close.)

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> Subject: back-bdb
> Hi
> 	The back-bdb/search.c:bdb_search(...) has a local variable called
> ID candidates[...].
> However, this array is filled only by two functions:
> base_candidates(...) where only candidates[0] and [1] are filled,
> search_candidates(...) where only [0], [1], [2] are filled.
> But the array is of size about 64K !!! Can anybody tell me why is this the
> case, or is it that presently though only those few elements are used,
> later (maybe when indices are implemented in back-bdb) the candidates
> array shall hold much more elements (may be that candidates[...] shall
> store all the elements from which one would search etc.) ?
> Thank you
> Debajyoti