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small syntax checking project

The IESG issued a statement regarding the use of formal languages
in RFCs. http://www.ietf.org/IESG/STATEMENTS/pseudo-code-in-specs.txt
In the same vein, LDAPbis'ers have been chatting about the
need to have a schema description verifier which could be used
to ensure descriptions provided in I-D conformed to RFC 2252.
Same could be applied to DNs, filters, URLs, and other common
syntaxes (to ensure examples in RFCs were kosher).  Might
be a fun little project for developers with a few cycles...

Initially, these could be done as command line tools and then
turned into a web tool we can make available on the web site.

Example usage:
	echo "( 1.1 NAME 'fubar' )" | rfc2252 -s (syntax)

	echo "" | rfc2253

	echo "objectclass=*" | rfc2254

	echo "<ldap:///>" | rfc2255

The work can easily be split (by RFC) between multiple developers,
so if you willing, say which RFC checker you'd like to work on.

Note that this will likely require implementing pedantic syntax
checking in -lldap.  Also, checking likely have optional unfolding
of values (as values are often folded for readability).