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Re: 2.0.15 package

At 08:19 AM 2001-10-02, Luiz Ernesto Pinheiro Malère wrote:
>I guess this is the right list to post the following error:

Actually, bugs should be reported using the Issue Tracking
System and discussed on the -bugs mailing list (commonly
through replies to ITS tracking messages forwarded to
the -bugs list).

>fatal error C1083: Cannot open source file:
>'C:\openldap-build\openldap-2.0.15\libraries\libldap\ufn.c': No such file or

IIRC, this bug was previously reported.

>This is happening when trying to compile openldap-2.0.15 under Win2k using
>Visual C++. Was ufn.c supposed to be included on this package ?

no.  I think the MSVC5 project files are just out of date.
Diffs fixing this problem are welcomed.