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Re: ldap_str2dn etc.

"Kurt D. Zeilenga" wrote:
> >2) what's the best way to check attribute description from a library
> >function, i.e. not from inside slapd?  Which functions do address the
> >problem? Or, in other words, do I need to (hard)code RFC 2252 attribute
> >types somewhere in the library?
> Even in pedantic mode, I suggest not restricting the attributeType
> by name to a table.  Maybe we can have a table flag that uses
> hardcoded or application provided tables.  But let's skip that for
> now.

Does this mean I'd leave AttributeTypes as they are (string or OID)
without reformatting them, regardless they're "common" or not?

> can do some simple normalizations of LDAPDN, such as sorting
> AVAs within a multi-valued RDN.  This is what ldap_dn_normalize
> is intended to wrap.

Well, I've seen something about sorting AVAs within RDNs (RFC 2253):

	When converting from an ASN.1 RelativeDistinguishedName to a string,
	the output consists of the string encodings of each
	AttributeTypeAndValue (according to 2.3), in any order.

> >But I'm a bit in trouble with DCE. What's the best source of information
> >on it (I mean the best within dn string representation issues)?
> See Luke's comment.

Maybe I'll introduce an extra flag LDAP_DN_AD_CANONICAL.

> >5) I guess the "LDAP_DN_PEDANTIC" flag means "strictly adhere to the
> >standards"; as a consequence the parsing should be as liberal as
> >possible
> >if the flag is not set, right?
> Yes.  There might be degrees of pedantic that make sense.

I'll figure out a list of possible liberals, and code them in flags.
We may also group liberals in appropriate masks that make sense

> For str2dn, one just needs to decode each escaped octet.
> For dn2str, each octet which is not a valid octet of a UTF-8
> character MUST be escaped.  Other octets MAY be escaped.
> This is were flags come in.  When escaping an octet which
> is part of a multi-octet UTF-8 character, each octet of the
> UTF-8 character must also be escaped.  The LDAPbis draft
> may be clearer here.

Fine. I've been looking at the ldap_utf8* code, and I think I can 
handle it.

I'll let you know, and commit snapshots as soon as my work gets
together in usable pieces.


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