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Re: ldap_str2dn etc.

Luke Howard wrote:
> >But I'm a bit in trouble with DCE. What's the best source of information
> >on it (I mean the best within dn string representation issues)?
> I don't have a canonical information source, but it is essentially
> an X.500 DN, written from MSB to LSB.
> For example, the RFC 1779 DN:
>         cn=Luke Howard,ou=People,dc=padl,dc=com
> is:
>         /dc=com/dc=padl/ou=People/cn=Luke Howard
> as a "DCE" DN. I called them "DCE" DNs as this format was used by
> DCE's Cell Directory Service. Maybe there is a better name.

Thanks for the suggestion.  The point is now: does this format accept
any of the special encodings required for, say, strange AttributeTypes
that would be encoded with the OID, or UTF-8 values, or so?  I still 
need some sources :)

> Also, it would be nice (I just added support for this to my own
> little libldap wrapper library) to support Active Directory
> canonical names, too. Going from a DN to a canonical name is
> easy, the sample example:
>         padl.com/People/Luke Howard

This would be a very easy spin-off of the DCE encoding; good 
suggestion (an extra flag to the DN routines).

> Going the other way is a bit tricky to do without talking to
> the LDAP server, unless you guess at attribute types. (I don't
> know whether LDAP servers would accept a DN like:
>         name=Luke Howard,name=People,dc=padl,dc=com
> I know our NetInfo backend does, but that's just a fortunate
> side-effect.) Probably the DN-to-AD-canonical-name mapping
> is enough, anyway...

Sure, I don't think we need to go so far; Kurt already dropped
the UFN->DN transcoding.


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