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Re: FW: Back up Berkeley dbb files may cause file corruption

At 01:37 PM 2001-09-25, Howard Chu wrote:
>Why don't we add a signal handler that will temporarily turn off write
>to all backends, to allow online backup? Add a backend_sync handler entry
>etc. that will be called as well, and another signal to re-enable writes.
>be simple enough. There are still synchronization issues to think through,
>in-progress operations, but that may not be too bad.

Well, given that some folks are still complaining about a number
of reliability issues (and even a few complains about deadlocks),
I rather not add any additional complexity to back-ldbm or
threading/signal handling at this time.

I note that back-bdb will support on-the-fly backups using
Berkeley DB utilities.  Now if only I had time to finish this...