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Re: porting client software to EPOC ?

I am not familiar with EPOC.  In general, porting the LDAP
client libraries to any POSIX or POSIX-like operating system
should be fairly straight forward.  Even for very non-POSIX
like operating systems, porting shouldn't be too difficult.
I suggest just jumping on in.


At 01:22 PM 2001-09-09, Hans Bausewein wrote:
>Hello all,
>Has anyone thought of porting the LDAP client software to the EPOC OS, run
>by Psion palmtops, mobile phones, etc? (I've searched the archives on 'epoc'
>without any result)
>I think, the largest database I have, is in my Psion Revo and it would be
>great if I can get this data easily into my LDAP-server on Linux. Of course
>there are many ways to do this, but talking directly to an LDAP-server from
>the Revo over TCP/IP would be a nice one.
>Apart from the LDAP port, I'll need (to create) some schema, to define an
>address/phone book in LDAP. Also an interface to the address book (Contacts)
>on the palmtop is needed, but that's a bit off-topic here.
>Software for EPOC is compiled with gcc, so compiling itself won't be a big
>problem. Probably the libraries are quite different, although they're more
>like any Unix than e.g. Windows.
>Hans Bausewein