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porting client software to EPOC ?

Hello all,

Has anyone thought of porting the LDAP client software to the EPOC OS, run
by Psion palmtops, mobile phones, etc? (I've searched the archives on 'epoc'
without any result)

I think, the largest database I have, is in my Psion Revo and it would be
great if I can get this data easily into my LDAP-server on Linux. Of course
there are many ways to do this, but talking directly to an LDAP-server from
the Revo over TCP/IP would be a nice one.

Apart from the LDAP port, I'll need (to create) some schema, to define an
address/phone book in LDAP. Also an interface to the address book (Contacts)
on the palmtop is needed, but that's a bit off-topic here.

Software for EPOC is compiled with gcc, so compiling itself won't be a big
problem. Probably the libraries are quite different, although they're more
like any Unix than e.g. Windows.



Hans Bausewein