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Re: Request for a feature

On Thursday 06 September 2001 16:25, Chad La Joie wrote:
>          Our department has recently been charged with developing a new
> university directory service.  Among other features that this new service
> must provide is a standard way to update many other systems should certain
> information within the directory change.  To that end we've been looking at
> numerous tools that will allow us to sync disparate systems together
> ranging from pre-built solutions like Metamerge, to writing our own using
> components like JNDI.  Without exception however they all require the
> "persistent search" proposed control feature.  I realize that this has been
> discussed numerous times and that it has not been implemented due to the
> fact that the I-D expired.  

Hi, FWIW, I've had a go at implimenting most of 
within an openldap backend (The only missing part is the  
EntryChangeNotification ctrls)  

The code is available from http://www.gridpp.ac.uk/linux/openldap-ftree.shtml

I would like to see this functionality (or equivalent) standardized.


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