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Re: subtree replication

Here is the post I was referring to with diffs for subtree 


I see (in cvs)that config.c and slurp.h have updates regarding 
subtree replication by adding a suffix parameter to the replica 
configuration directive.  Also, both files have the 
OPENLDAP_REL_ENG_2 tag, however, config.c does a NOOP when it 
sees the suffix parameter so it appears to still be a work in 

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Subject: Re: subtree replication

> Mark Soldavini wrote:
> > 
> > I noticed an earlier post with a diff to support subtree
> > replication.  The code appeared to be for the slurpd version
> > prior to the rewrite found in version 2.0.11 that I am 
> > 
> > Is the ability to create replica entries that operate on
> > subtrees being worked already or is their a reason it is 
> To my knowledge, it has been tagged as REL_ENG_2, so it will 
> available with the next release. Which early post do you mean?
> Can you point it to me? Thanks.
> Pierangelo.
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