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Re: horizontal split and delegate

Logan Parthipan wrote:
> Hi,
> Is it possible to split a tree on the same level and
> delegate each section to other servers?
> for instance can I have the following:
> myid=1001,dc=foo,dc=com
> myid=2001,dc=foo,dc=com
> and have the 2 entries in 2 different servers? In this
> case myid=1000 to 1999 will reside in server1.com and
> myid=2000 to 2999 will reside in server2.com.

Try the __EXPERIMENTAL__ back-meta. See 


and the related thread for details. 

You need to define two back-something (or even two
different servers) that actually store the data, and 
a back-meta that spawn operations on the two databases
and merges the results.

You need to get a recent snapshot of the HEAD 
of the cvs tree:



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