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Re: OpenLDAP on OS X compiles

On Monday, July 16, 2001, at 05:37 PM, Andre John Mas wrote:

Just to let you know that OpenLDAP will compile on a MacOS X
based machine. Below are the steps that got it going for me:

    setenv CFLAGS -fno-common
    configure --without-threads
    make depend

and then as root

    make install

From what I know there is a fixed version of pthreads in the
Darwin cvs repository, so if you really want threads that's
the place to go. Myself, I am about to download the necessary
source to add the corrected pthread support to my OS installation.
If that doesn't work I'll just wait for 10.1 and hopefully
they will be included.

BTW I haven't got round to adding any data to the server, so
I don't know whether it is working 100%, but then there is no
reason it shouldn't :-)

Looks like I was a little premature. I forgot 'make test'. Running that it appears one of the tests is failing. Looks like I will have to back and see what's missing.