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Re: Characters in DN

"David A. Cooper" wrote:

> OK, I have now integrated my versions of the dn_validate and dn_normalize functions into current development branch code and have posted the new patch file to http://csrc.nist.gov/pki/testing/openLDAP_contrib.html. Feel free to check it out and, if you think it is appropriate, to commit the changes.

I'll check it. Thanks.

> >BTW, did you submit an ITS?
> No, I just posted a message to the OpenLDAP Devel list describing the work that I had done and providing a pointer to the patch file. Would it be helpful for me to submit a report on ITS as well?

Yes. Every time you think you're contributing something
that may be useful, be it a bug warning or a piece of code,
an ITS submission ensures that someone will look at it and,
most important, you and the developers will be able to keep
track of its history. Otherwise, it's just a message in a bottle.


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