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Re: Characters in DN

"David A. Cooper" wrote:

> OK, I have now integrated my versions of the dn_validate and dn_normalize functions into current development branch code and have posted the new patch file to http://csrc.nist.gov/pki/testing/openLDAP_contrib.html. Feel free to check it out and, if you think it is appropriate, to commit the changes.

Your code looks ok. You should really submit an ITS
so we can keep track of the changes.

I have only one question. You treat '=' and '#' as
characters that need to be escaped. While rfc 2253
says implementations may escape other characters,
it doesn't require them to be treated as special except
in type/value separation (=) and beginning of string (#).
I think you should handle them differently.

Someone who's directly involved in unicode stuff
should check the UTF part before anything is added.
I'm totally stuck with it at present (see why we need


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