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CLDAP / UDP implementation and performance

	I know the Mozilla stuff MAY have been off topic, however my main objective
in this is to discuss some UDP connection alternatives.  I've changed the
subject of this thread to reflect this.  I understand that this was
experimental code back in the uMich dist.  I'm curious about the history of
CLDAP, and why it haven't really been worked on recently.  Ultimately, I may
be interested in contributing to this effort.  My other questions are also
really regarding connection performance.

After doing some simple benchmarking using ldap:/// and ldapi:///, there was
only a 3-5% increase in query throughput from UDP over TCP.  If this is the
case, and assuming I'm not doing anything wrong, what was the intended
benefit for local UDP connections?

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Subject: RE: ldapi:/// Unix & domain socket usage

At 02:44 PM 7/3/2001, Eric T. Blue wrote:
>This works great if I use the ldapsearch binary from Openldap with -H.
>However, if I seem to have problems with the Mozilla 4.x SDK.  Writing a
>sample client, I can search ldap:/// with no problem.  If I then try
>ldapi:/// I get ldap_search_ext: Bad parameter to an ldap routine.

Likely Mozilla does not (directly) support ldapi://.

I note that this thread went off-topic long ago and should
be moved (to a Mozilla list or to openldap-software).  See
list charter at <http://www.openldap.org/lists/>.