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Filter expression!

I'm working with a backend for openLdap2.0.8.

When I try a SUBTREE search in my LDAP Tree (linked to local
DB) with a filter like:


(the "...":s symbols a huge number of additional objectClass
filter pieces)

the first filter piece is exchanged and in my backend function
I get:


It works for most attributetypes thou, for example "SN",
"mobile" and "CN" but obviously not for
The attribute is included in core.schema and I believe the
syntaxdescription for it is correct(havent changed that part
of core.schema).
I have also checked that the test client is sending the
correct filter syntax to the server.

Why is this filter exchanged with "badfilter"?
What do I need to do to keep the old facsimileTelephoneNumber
(if nothing else works: Where exactly do I find this exchange
of filter?)

Greatful for any answers.