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Help with the bind area of code.

Howedy folks,

Sorry for the abrupt intro to the list but I've spent the last 8 hours
walking the code trying to understand how the bind section of code works. I
have a bit of a problem, we want to use Tarantella to provide access to some
hardware we place on-line, but Tarantella uses SSL to create  a secure pipe
and then passes the password data in the clear over the pipe. 

In order to work with this we have to store the passwords in the clear in
LDAP which we don't want to do. We prefer to store passwords in a double MD5
format so I've been tring to understand the process so I can convert the
inbound password to a double MD5 crypted one which would then match the
passwords stored.

Can anyone provide a bit of guidance on how the bind process works or where
I should be looking to make the necessary changes?

I am working from the openldap-2.0.11 source code.

Thanks in advance.