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Re: Implementing a range search on integers in OpenLDAP

At 08:39 AM 4/24/01, Wayne Browne wrote:
>A project I am working on has a requirement to be able to select records based upon a integer range.
>Something like a using a search filter like:
>        "(& ( integerAtt >= 123) ( intergerAtt <= 321))"
>where integerAtt is defined like:
>        attributetype ( <oid> NAME 'integerAtt'
>                    EQUALITY integerMatch
>                    ORDERING integerOrderingMatch
>                    SYNTAX
>Does this look right?

Assuming you replace <oid> with a properly assigned OID, yes.

>I am wondering if anyone is currently working on supporting the integerOrderingMatch matching rule?

Not that I am aware of.

>Or, does anyone have some idea of what would be involved in doing this..?

Implementing the matching rule would likely only require a
few lines of code (because you likely can reuse an existing

But the hard work would be to adding support for ordering indexes
to OpenLDAP so that the server can efficient determine which
entries might match the assertion.

>I am looking at tasking a c programmer to do this in the near future...