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Implementing a range search on integers in OpenLDAP

A project I am working on has a requirement to be able to select records based upon a integer range.

Something like a using a search filter like:
        "(& ( integerAtt >= 123) ( intergerAtt <= 321))"

where integerAtt is defined like:
        attributetype ( <oid> NAME 'integerAtt'
                    EQUALITY integerMatch
                    ORDERING integerOrderingMatch

Does this look right?

In the schema_init.c file there is a comment:
         * Other matching rules in X.520 that we do not use (yet):
         *     numericStringOrderingMatch
         *    integerOrderingMatch

I am wondering if anyone is currently working on supporting the integerOrderingMatch matching rule?
Or, does anyone have some idea of what would be involved in doing this..? I am looking at tasking a c programmer to do this in the near future...

Wayne Browne

Wayne Browne
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