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I'm playing with microsoft.schema, and I found
something weird. First, there's a bug (kind of)
both in the file and in slapd: the syntax OID is
enclosed in single quotes, which is non-standard,
but while slapd claims to be able to deal with it, it
doesn't. I sent a patch (ITS #1114) that
(hopefully) fixes it.
After this, I found that slapd doesn't accept
syntax 1.2.840.113556.1.4.906 (it's not defined in
the initial schemas slapd loads, nor in any of the
schema files distributed with the package) and
maybe there are more; I'm not sure I understand
how the schema can be extended in terms of adding
new syntaxes. Moreover, there is no evidence
of slapd being able to load stuff like that contained
in microsoft.ext.schema: dITContentRule,
extendedClassInfo and so. What is it intended for?

Hope you can clarify my doubts...

Regards, Pierangelo.

PS: I'm posting it to -devel, in case anyone else can
answer my questions ...

Dr. Pierangelo Masarati    mailto:ando@sys-net.it
Developer, SysNet s.n.c.   http://www.sys-net.it