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Re: microsoft.schema

The Microsoft schema files is just for information...
they are not intended to be used.

At 02:31 PM 4/11/01 +0200, Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
>I'm playing with microsoft.schema, and I found
>something weird. First, there's a bug (kind of)
>both in the file and in slapd: the syntax OID is
>enclosed in single quotes, which is non-standard,
>but while slapd claims to be able to deal with it, it
>doesn't. I sent a patch (ITS #1114) that
>(hopefully) fixes it.
>After this, I found that slapd doesn't accept
>syntax 1.2.840.113556.1.4.906 (it's not defined in
>the initial schemas slapd loads, nor in any of the
>schema files distributed with the package) and
>maybe there are more; I'm not sure I understand
>how the schema can be extended in terms of adding
>new syntaxes. Moreover, there is no evidence
>of slapd being able to load stuff like that contained
>in microsoft.ext.schema: dITContentRule,
>extendedClassInfo and so. What is it intended for?
>Hope you can clarify my doubts...
>Regards, Pierangelo.
>PS: I'm posting it to -devel, in case anyone else can
>answer my questions ...
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