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Re: Simple Document Format

At 04:34 AM 4/9/01 -0700, Cedric Tefft wrote:
>Hey all -- I realize this is almost off-topic, but I'm out of other
>options.  Anyway...
>It appears that the Simple Document Format (SDF) project upon which
>OpenLDAP's documentation is based has been abandoned by its creators.

It's not abandoned.  It's maintained by its creator but is
not being actively developed.  For download, I think you need
to grab it off CPAN.

>So my question is, does anybody know if the SDF project has moved
>elsewhere?  If so, how can we get it listed on the Development Tools
>web page (http://www.openldap.org/devel/tools.html)? 

I'll add a link to http://www.mincom.com/mtr/sdf/ when I get a

>If SDF has actually been abandoned, 

It's not abandoned.

>I am kinda, sorta, halfway thinking about taking over maintenance
>myself, but only if the other two options don't pan out.

I would suggest contacting Ian.  Likely your mail to him
is failing for other reasons.