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Simple Document Format

Hey all -- I realize this is almost off-topic, but I'm out of other
options.  Anyway...

It appears that the Simple Document Format (SDF) project upon which
OpenLDAP's documentation is based has been abandoned by its creators.
 The evidence for this conclusion is the following:

* The download link on the SDF homepage
(http://www.mincom.com/mtr/sdf/) goes to an empty directory.

* The download link on SDF's Freshmeat page
) is non-existant.

* Mail to both the SDF user's mailing-list and the original author's
address bounce with 'User not known' errors from Minicom's mail

* The application itself does not appear to have been updated since
June of 1999.

So my question is, does anybody know if the SDF project has moved
elsewhere?  If so, how can we get it listed on the Development Tools
web page (http://www.openldap.org/devel/tools.html)? 

If SDF has actually been abandoned, would it be appropriate for
OpenLDAP to adopt it as a "child" project or at least host it on
OpenLDAP's servers?

I am kinda, sorta, halfway thinking about taking over maintenance
myself, but only if the other two options don't pan out.


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