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Re: Missing argument in new logging in acl.c (ITS#1018)

Gary Williams wrote:

> Thanks for the pointers.  It's easy to change the fopen in the
> configure module to use a "a" rather than a "w", I just was
> worried about log files growing without bound.  I guess for
> now that'll have to be an administrative concern.  I think at
> some point, we'll want to have the ability to have the server
> create a daily file, and close it and open a new one at
> midnight.

Well, maybe logrotate may suffice, though.

> I didn't think the log levels were really textual, they just
> have macros defined to use (like I use the LDAP_LEVEL_*
> macros).  The logging could be changed to recognize the
> levels in a text format from the command line or the config
> file, but we need to do a greater-than and less-than test
> against the current log level setting and the log call being
> made, so they have to resolve to integers at some point.

I only meant at config time, because I'd feel more comfortable with

    debug backend alert

rather than

    debug backend 1

but it's a matter of personal taste. What I'd really be interested
in is a means to change the log level without having to restart the
server :)


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