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Re: sync & backup

At 11:09 AM 10/2/00 -0400, Mark Adamson wrote:
>  I've been looking into disaster recovery for our OpenLDAP server, and
>I'm trying to figure out a good way to backup the database files. If the
>slapd server is running, it will have the db files open, possibly with 
>memory cached objects. To do a reliable backup of the db files, the slapd
>server process would have to be shut down.   Are there alternatives?

With LDBM, no.  Some folks run a slave just for backup purposes...

With the replacement backend, BerkeleyDB's built in support for
may be used.

>  Useful?  Glaring errors? Deadlocks?  Better ways to backup the db files?

I don't think hacking LDBM is the answer.  I think replacing
it is.