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Re: sync & backup

> From:    Mark Adamson <adamson@andrew.cmu.edu>
> To:      openldap-devel@OpenLDAP.org

> Better ways to backup the db files?

At UMich, we back up the db by replicating to an administrative slave.
Since no one talks to this slave, it can be stopped and started at
will.  It's also useful for building new indices, rolling in new
versions of the server that change the db format, rebuilding the db
from ldif, and any number of other common admin procedures.

At the moment, we're running the admin slave on a separate machine, but
we're planning to move it to the same machine as the master.

Some other useful scripts: a cron job that notices when replog or
slurpd.replog are too big (replication stuck, really a bug in the way
slurpd and slapd on slaves interact), and something that culls syslog
for lines containing ldbm_err_call (the server occasionally corrupts
its file and keeps running).