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Re: Transactions in LDAP

Sorry to trouble you again..
Here are some more questions 

> The I-D describes only protocol extension.  A client could
> today implement this extension using the existing API using
> ldap_extended_operation() and ldap_*_ext()  calls.  It is
> not necessary to provide a higher level "transaction API"
> (though one might as such might be nice).

1. Are these extended APIs implemented in current version of SLAPD? The 
documentation exist as draft, and I could not find any manual information on 

2. I am confused about what you said about pushing the transaction to the 
backend. One transaction in LDAP could involve many transactions on the 
Backend. (Actually, one ldap operation like ldap_add involves many 
transactions on backend. if ldbm is used as a backend, add will involve 
adding mappings in id2children.dbb, dn2id.dbb etc. This is ensured to be 
atomic currently.) Are you planning to add apis to the backend for 
trasactions? If yes, then it would be back-end specific and would need 
such support from all the backends. Is my interpretation correct or am I 
missing something?

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