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;binary transfer of the binary syntax

The current code requires ;binary transfer of the binary
syntax.  This causes compatibility problems with applications
expecting normal transfer of the binary syntax.  Changing the
code to require normal transfer would break other applications
(such as those inetOrgPerson binary attributes).

In IETF discussions, the consensus appears to be that the
binary syntax should be transferred normally unless ;binary
was specifically requested (and the server supported such).
The consensus is that RFC2798 (inetOrgPerson) should be
updated to not specify use of ';binary'.  I concur with the

I plan to change the definition of the binary syntax to
require normal transfer.

For compatibility with existing applications, I suggest
that a new "asn" syntax be added which always required binary
transfer and then publishing an alternative inetOrgPerson
specification which was compatible with existing applications.

The primary problem with this approach is that we can server
both existing and new inetOrgPerson schemas at the same time.

Another approach, one for which I don't have the time myself
to implement, would be to add per attribute type determination
of whether ;binary should be used or not.