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Re: Some openldap fixes...

You wrote:
> Please remember that OpenLDAP is community developed.  The
> community makes it what it is.  You are welcomed to participate
> as you see fit.  The community is open to all.
> However, don't be surprise when changes thrown over a wall
> end up on the floor.  You have to help us help you.  We
> do so because helping you helps us.  
Come on, we know how it works. We're not pursuing personal satisfaction.
We want to enhance openldap just as much you do. The only point I'm
trying to make is that we may have different points of view on what to
enhance and in what way. This doesn't have to be a problem, but if
(for example) the stock openldap incorporates changes which have a really
bad impact on our data set in terms of performance/db size, then you shouldn't
be surprised if we don't spent much time on enhancing the stock version.

> I have a job, too.  I (and my employer) are willing to take
> time away from my primary task to help integrate changes
> contributed by others.   As far as doing things for fun, I
> do most everything because it's fun.  My job is fun, that's
> why I took (er... created it) it.  I'll quit the day it's not.
Well, our boss is also willing to support us with this, but it should be
'in balance' with our other duties.

> Working with contributors is fun.
Then please look at our code, because you're making some wrong assumptions
about it.
We've also looked quite closely at your code ;)

If at first you don't succeed, destroy all evidence that you tried.