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Re: Some openldap fixes...

At 08:44 PM 9/17/00 +0200, Marijn Meijles wrote:
>in the past few months Peter Zijlstra <peter@freeler.nl> and I have
>been busy extending and sometimes rewriting openldap 1.2.11 in order
>to make it faster and more stable.

Great...  your motivations are similar to what motivates most
of the OpenLDAP development community...  "we need it, we
develop and maintain it, we need the help others, we share".
I encourage to participate in making such a reality.

>Some issues were so simple to fix that we decided to stick with openldap
>and not buy some expensive ldap server. Because we started using openldap
>(well, our own blend) for other projects as well, the fixes became more

This is the primary problem with attempting to maintain your own
private version and why we encourage developers to submit changes
as they are developed.  Small changes are also much easier to

>When openldap 2.0 was released, we noticed that we still
>had numerous enhancements which didn't make it into 2.0.

Given that the changes were not submitted, this shouldn't surprise

>After some debate we have decided to do 'the right thing' ;) and give the patches back to you.

We'd love to review your changes.  See our contributing guidelines
for details <http://www.openldap.org/devel/contributing.html> on
submitting them for review.

As the patch you provided is quite large, includes changes covering
many issues, and is against a version not under active development
(1.2 is only "maintained"), it is likely we need to discuss
and determine an appropriate course of action.

What I suggest is that you review the current development sources
(CVS HEAD branch).  For bug fixes and minor enhancements, I suggest
you submit an ITS with patch for each fix/enhancement.  For major
enhancements, I suggest you post a summary of the changes to the
development list for discussion.

In summary, your active participation is needed to integrate your
changes.  Time spent now will save you time down the road.