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Re: LDAP 2.0 CVS and php4 ...

On Fri, Aug 25, 2000 at 10:46:46AM -0700, Anthony Brock wrote:
> While attempting to compile an Apache web server with an ldap (2.0cvs) 
> enabled php4 (the latest version off their web site), I encountered a minor 
> but annoying error.  Basically, the php4 source code references a function as:
> ldap_get_lderrno(ldap, NULL, NULL)
> php4 compiles without errors using this function, but when linking with the 
> Apache web server, I get a linker error.  If I change all references from 
> the above to:
> ldap_result2error(ldap, NULL, NULL)
> it appears to function normally.  Is this the correct substitution?  Also, 
> is this a php4 error, or should ldap-2.0 have a macro to fix this?  If it 
> is a php4 error, then I will redirect this message to them.  However, 
> assuming they are using a standard API, it might a good idea to create an 
> appropriate macro.
> If this is not the correct function call to substitute, please let me 
> know!  We are starting development next week, and it would be nice to test 
> our code against a valid base.

According to draft-ietf-ldapext-ldap-c-api-04.txt ldap_result2error is
deprecated so I wonder if ldap_parse_result should be used instead. Or
is there a better way?

If I change it, can I safely do it for LDAP_API_VERSION > 2000? If not,
which? Are there any danger of breaking PHP with other LDAP APIs?

I'll fix PHP, but it would be good to get some answers to our questions