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LDAP 2.0 CVS and php4 ...

While attempting to compile an Apache web server with an ldap (2.0cvs) enabled php4 (the latest version off their web site), I encountered a minor but annoying error. Basically, the php4 source code references a function as:

ldap_get_lderrno(ldap, NULL, NULL)

php4 compiles without errors using this function, but when linking with the Apache web server, I get a linker error. If I change all references from the above to:

ldap_result2error(ldap, NULL, NULL)

it appears to function normally. Is this the correct substitution? Also, is this a php4 error, or should ldap-2.0 have a macro to fix this? If it is a php4 error, then I will redirect this message to them. However, assuming they are using a standard API, it might a good idea to create an appropriate macro.

If this is not the correct function call to substitute, please let me know! We are starting development next week, and it would be nice to test our code against a valid base.

* Anthony Brock                                         abrock@georgefox.edu *
* Director of Network Services                         George Fox University *