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Re: Latest docs for Conformant server

At 03:22 PM 8/9/00 +0000, Adam Wilkshire wrote:
>OK, thanks for providing the autoconf via FTP :-)
>>>>***Short background***<<<
>I am implementing a read only LDAP server, with my own backend.
>This has a >*very*< narrow scope - namely to provide a read only access to some
>very volatile data (otherwise I would just use open ldap :-) )to another
>application that needs this data in an ldap form.
>I am using Openldap, and am proceeding with modifying backend.c etc etc.

I suggest using back-passwd as an example of a read-only backend
to volatile data (from back-passwd perspective).

>>>>***Heres the question***<<<
>I have obtained the RFCs
>I am assuming that I should base my idea of what the LDAP server should do
>based on these RFCs ? Is there anything else I should be looking at ?

RFC2251-2256, RFC2829-2831 are generally viewed as being the LDAPv3
base specification.  They, of course, contain a number of normative
references to other documents.  In particular, X.501(93) and X.511(93).

In addition, OpenLDAP implements RFC2256 (Language Tags) and a
variety of other features described by RFCs and/or I-Ds and/or X.5xx.

Note that slapd's frontend deals with protocol, backend only need
to understand the semantics of the backend API and data model issues
(such as schema).  So implementing simple, read-only backends is
usually fairly straight forward (copy back-passwd and hack away).