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Re: Creating dynamic libraries

Please take software questions to the software mailing list.

Note:  The appropriate way to enable shared libraries is to use
the configure option --enabled-shared.

At 06:21 PM 8/6/00 -0400, Rich Goodwin wrote:

>I want to test TradeClient, an MS Outlook-ish mail client for Linux (RH
>6.1).  It requires dynamic libraries (libldap.so.1) for the
>addressbook.  If I change the libtool file to say
>"link_static_flag="-dynamic" versus "link_statis_flag="-static" and set
>the export_dynamic=yes, am I doing
>the proper changes??
>I built OpenLDAP without any problems and will play with it later.  I 
>did a default compile - ./configure, make depend & make.  I see there's
>a linking option to export the dynamic lib ... how  would I set this? 
>Sorry for the "simple" question - it's been  way to long since I've
>played with code. 
>Rich Goodwin
>BTW:  Sorry for the previous post with the wrong title ... danger of
>using a strange MTA...