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I started to develop a C++-API for LDAP. I am doing this as the final
project (diploma thesis) for my computer science studies. I'd like to hear
your opinions about some basic issues regarding the design of this API.

First of all, there is no really useable piece of software at
the moment (just a few class that wrap the C-API calls)

Here are some points I'd like to hear your thoughts about:

- The basic design will be similar to that of Netscapes Java-SDK. Has
  someone of you already used this. Maybe you can tell me what is good/bad
  in it. So I probably can make things better in C++.

- Which features of C++ should be used?  
  Exceptions for error handling
  Standard Library for some dynamic containers (e.g. list or vector)

  I would prefer to asume a ISO-Standard C++ Compiler so I can use these 
  features. I think error handling with exception is a quite useful thing. 

- I plan to use some parts of the C-API inside of my C++ API (e.g. the
  Network I/O and BER-encoding/decoding). I think this would reduce possible 
  bugs (and work :) ) a lot. The thing is that I didn't find docs for the
  network I/O stuff. Is there any, or do I have to look into the sources?