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Re: testing indexing in v2

On Tue, 25 Jul 2000, Randy Kunkee wrote:

> Is it too early to be testing indexes in v2?  I've loaded a rather large
> database into it to test, but simple equality searches seem to devolve
> into scans of the entire database.

  I'd noticed this too yesterday. I don't think that slapd is using the
indexes at all. I spent about an hour trying to trace through how it
picks DN entries to run through a comparison. I have an index of

  index  cn,sn  pres,eq,sub,approx

and yet a search of something like "sn=adamson" with a searchbase of
"dc=cmu,dc=edu" will cause an iteration through every entry in the
database. ldbm_back_search()  ends up calling 

  candidates = search_candidates(....);

and that function returns an ID_BLOCK that says "every entry". Then the
for() loop loads them one by one and frisks them. I don't even see where a
check for the index occurs!

  Perhaps this should be shifted to openldap-bugs.

-Mark Adamson
 Carnegie Mellon