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Re: testing indexing in v2

> At 05:17 PM 7/25/00 -0500, Randy Kunkee wrote:
> >Is it too early to be testing indexes in v2?
> No.
> >I've loaded a rather large
> >database into it to test, but simple equality searches seem to devolve
> >into scans of the entire database.
> Try adding:
> index objectClass eq
> >Below is some debug output to ponder.  By the way, the first two candidates
> >it says matches the filter don't.
> They likely match the search candidates filter (the search
> filter as modified to include alias and referral objects that
> are within scope).

I ran into this before, and now it's happening again.  After adding
the above line, I get 

bash-2.03$ slapindex
Assertion failed: *ad == NULL, file ad.c, line 99
IOT/Abort trap (core dumped)

A snippit of ad.c:

int slap_bv2ad(
        struct berval *bv,
        AttributeDescription **ad,
        const char **text )
        int rtn = LDAP_UNDEFINED_TYPE;
        int i;
        AttributeDescription desc;
        char **tokens;

        assert( ad != NULL );
        assert( *ad == NULL ); /* temporary */

        if( bv == NULL || bv->bv_len == 0 ) {
                *text = "empty attribute description";
                return rtn;

So I'm hitting this "temporary" assertion when running slapindex.
I'm reloading from scratch now so that I can test the search.