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Re: Administrators Guide

Thanks for the comments.  
I've updated the patch to use example.net, and I cleaned up the LDIF.
I've tested it against my devel server (its running devel from
yesterday) and it passes schema checking.  I also switched it to use
ldapadd instead of slapadd.

The patch is available as

That should be the same path as in ITS 628.

"Kurt D. Zeilenga" wrote:
> Looks pretty good.  I suggest
>         s/example.edu/example.net/
> IIRC, only .com and .net are reserved for examples.
> The "dn: dc=example, dc=edu" entry (s/edu/net/)
> should have objectclass values "organization" and
> "dcObject".  "top" need not be listed.
> Following 'person' object has 'mail' attribute which
> is not allowed per schema.  Attribute should be removed.
> (Limit yourself to schema defined in core.schema... and
> conform to it).
> We also need to update tool use a bit... but can do
> this subsequent to this set of changes.  Such as:
>   slapadd v. ldapadd (I prefer to use ldap* tools
>     in quick start guide, leaving slap* tools for
>     another section).
>   -h is not needed (is default).
>   -x needed (simple authentication)